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Family Tree dating into the mid 1800's.
Photo I.D, drivers license or Provincial picture I.D.
Long form Birth certificate or a small Birth Certificate with a Baptismal Certificate
Digital Picture (Taken by membership) Ask your "Local" in regards to Digital pictures
or go to the Metis Nation of Alberta website.  Digital Picture Guidelines
   Download Family tree form here.
Consent to Release form.

Complete Packages are available at our office

A Métis must provide historical proof of his or her status as Métis:

a) Historical Proof—evidence of an ancestor who received a land grant, or a scrip grant under the Manitoba Act or the Dominion Lands Act, or who was recognized as a Métis in other Government, church or community records.

b) Historic Métis Nation means the Aboriginal people then known as Métis or Half-Breeds who resided in Historic Métis Nation Homeland;

c) Historic Métis Nation Homeland means the area of land in west central North America used and occupied as the traditional territory of the Métis or Half-Breeds as they were then known;

d) Métis Nation means the Aboriginal people descended from the Historic Métis Nation, which is now compromised of all Métis Nation citizens and is one of the “Aboriginal people s of Canada” within s.35 of the Constitution Act of 1982;

e) Distinct from other Aboriginal peoples means distinct for cultural and nationhood purposes.

The following documentation is mandatory.

· A completed Genealogy which clearly outlines your Métis ancestry to the mid 1800’s.

· Copy of live birth registration OR copy of a long form birth certificate showing the full names of biological parents OR

· Copy of baptismal certificate PLUS wallet-size birth certificate

· One (1) piece of photo identification

· Proof of permanent residency in Alberta for a minimum of ninety (90) consecutive days may be required.

Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted.

Once you have obtained the mandatory documents, please present them in person to the nearest Registry Agent in your Regional Office listed on the back, or to the Provincial Office in Edmonton.

Normal processing time for a completed membership is dependant on volumes received & will be longer during periods of high membership intake.
Métis Homeland: The Homeland Geographically, it braces all three Prairie Provinces (Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta) also parts of Ontario, Northwest Territories and British Columbia
Incomplete applications received by mail will not be processed and will be returned to you or to your Regional Office

The information you provide is collected under the authority of the Métis Nation of Alberta Association bylaws. This information is collected for the purpose of membership registration and any information you provide is protected under the provisions of Alberta’s personal information protection act.

What is Scrip?

Scrip was handed out by Scrip Commissions, which were like the Treaty Commissions.  Scrip commissioners would travel to the various Metis communities and gather applications for scrip. To read more....  click on the following links.  

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Research Scrip Records

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